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Bec's experience in the Arts is extensive and includes regional youth arts development, tour and project management, teaching, managing community partnerships, grant writing, financial management, curation, promotion and, in particular, using art as a mechanism to explore identity and build confidence in young people. Underpinning all of her work is the strong desire to use the Arts to facilitate positive social change, inclusivity and to build lasting and meaningful relationships.  As a Community Cultural Development practitioner, she guided by the underlying principles of self-determination and capacity building through the creation of exceptional art that tells stories and shares a lived experience. She is skilled in the use of filmmaking, photography, animation and web-based media as powerful tools to strengthen culture and promote social equity. 

on being curious

Being curious is about exploring perspective. Through the lenses of technology, media and culture we are ‘trained’ to perceive our world in a predetermined way. Bec's work in remote Western Australia centres on a simultaneous admiration and distrust of these three entities.

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